How to Clean Newly Refaced Kitchen and Bathroom Doors

Cleaning Products for New Kitchen and Bathroom Doors

“What cleaning products do I use to clean the doors?”

After we complete a kitchen or bathroom vanity refacing, this is a very common question.

Cleaning your new cabinet doors with the right products is essential for durability and longevity. I always tell customers to use warm soapy water and some “good old elbow grease”.

If you need to use something stronger, I recommend adding some vinegar to the water.

Many years ago, I use to resurface bathtubs and the most common cause of damage to porcelain tubs was the use of corrosive cleaners. Do not use corrosive cleaners on cabinets!   All natural is always the best approach.

Happy cleaning and get those elbows greased up!

Do you have any questions about the care of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets? Ask in the comments section below!