About Us

Justin standing by Kitchen Magician carKitchen Magician was born 15 years ago, as a result of a ‘dear little old lady’ who was embarrassed of her badly worn kitchen cabinets. She was a widow on a fixed income and didn’t know what to do.

Doug and Dan Harrison fulfilled this service for many years, building up the reputable
Kitchen Magician

I had the pleasure to work with the Harrisons for two years, when they came to the decision that it was time to retire. They gave me the amazing opportunity to become the “new” Kitchen Magician. I learned many things from the Harrisons and their business.

One being, the most important principle:
The customer is always the most important aspect of a job.

Sometimes making that extra dollar isn’t nearly as important as making someone happy, especially those dear older ladies, I have enjoyed serving over the years.

Our entire team shares this same philosophy, of helping to make that old out dated kitchen look “NEW” again. I am passionate about refacing.

I love seeing the artistic transformation of turning an old tired kitchen into an updated stylish one. I work hard for that smile, and the look of surprise and excitement at a newly refaced kitchen. It’s rewarding to see my customers happy, every single time.

We are a small family run business that values hard work, our time together, and leisure activities. We take pride in transforming your kitchen into a “NEW” one. We honour your trust in us and take pride in our quality of care and commitment in every project.

We are very grateful for the many referrals that our customers have passed onto us and we look forward to working with you, on your next kitchen renovation project.

Justin Kroeker
Owner and Operator

Call us today for an estimate and let us do our magic on your kitchen!

RecycleKitchen Magician is committed to being Environmentally Responsible. If you have chosen any of our services, you have lessened the environmental impact that buying all new cabinets would create. We have developed our refacing services to leave the smallest possible environmental footprint.

By saving your cabinet boxes, less garbage is put into landfills and fewer trees are cut in the making of new boxes.